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Colon Cleanse with Epsom Salt: Useful Yet Risky

Lately lots of people have been discussing the possible positive effect of doing colon cleanse. By the way, some celebrities admit doing that procedure. And as you understand, Epsom salt is ideal for doing colon cleanse.

Colon cleanses help to detox your body, have positive effect on lots of organs you body has. So the overall effect on your body will be highly positive. And using Epsom salt for colon cleanse will make positive results even bigger.

There are two way to use Epsom salt for colon cleanse. The first method is to ingest the salt and the second method is to use it in enema. Positive effect of colon cleanse will be great, but please note that you should take that procedure seriously. Though Epsom salt is highly useful for your body, it can be harmful if the dose is too big. So please read our short guide very attentively and also consult Epsom salt can be used for colon cleansewith your doctor before doing colon cleanse with Epsom salt.

As you know, Epsom salt is in fact magnesium sulfate that can be found in lots of foods and even in water, but large amounts of it can be dangerous for our health. There is even such medical term as hypermagnesemia, that’s the state when some person has too big amount of magnesium in his or her body. Hypermagnesemia is quite dangerous and can even cause death. Some recipes that you can find online may recommend to much consumption of Epsom salt and may be dangerous thus you should always consult your doctor before shooting this salt into your system.

Also in case you had some problems with your stomach (e.g. heartburn, etc.) you should not ingest Epsom salt. Yes, it will help you to clean out your colon, but it will also do a lot of harm to your stomach. And of course you should not ingest Epsom salt if you take some medications because lots of drugs should not be mixed with magnesium sulfate. Thus if you take some pills you should double check if those pills are safe to use with Epsom salt.

As you can see, ingesting Epsom salt might bring negative consequences, thus it’s better to use this salt in enema for colon cleanse rather than ingesting it.

NOTE: please consult your doctor before making colon cleanse with Epsom salt!