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Using Epsom salt for Feet

It’s common knowledge that feet are one of the most problematic parts of body that needs intensive care after physical activities. That’s why health of our feet is one of our primary health care concerns since our day-to-day activities greatly depend on the state of out feet. In fact, there are many foot problems one can experience. Among them there are plantar fasciitis, bunion, hammer toes, achilles tendonitis etc. Though, some minor foot problems can be relieved thanks to the unique properties of Epsom salt.

Epsom salt has a centuries-old history, its wonder have been familiar to medicine as well. The properties of Epsom salt are greatly beneficial for our bodies, and that is not typical for other salts. Among the major purposes Epson salt is used for there are: relieving stress, calming nerves, alleviating pain as well as drawing toxins out of the organism.

Taking a bath for your feetFeet work most intensively during the day. They act as a support for our bodies and quite frequently they may have dry skin and experience muscle fatigue. Epsom salt is a good remedy for your tired feet suffering form ache. You just have to put a half of a cup of Epsom salt in a container that has a sufficient amount of water to cover your feet from the ankles down. Keep your feet in this substance for about an hour. Thus, muscle pain will be relieved and your skin will get soft. Moreover, Epsom salt helps to remove any foot smells. Doctors advise that those suffering from pains caused by arthritis, diabetes along with athletics injuries should use Epsom salt as treatment.

Preparing an Epson salt bath for your feetOn top of that, Epsom salt also possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Therefore, one can treat different fungal infections by using Epsom salts. It is very advisable for diabetes sufferers who have impaired immunity against infections to cleanse their feet with Epsom salt. Combining a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salt together with baby oil is enough to prepare a paste. That paste is aimed at getting rid of bacteria and dead skin cells. Using Epsom salts together with appropriate oil is an effective way for having feet bath treatment.

Epsom salt minerals are thought to have no negative effects on our condition, though, when used excessively, Epsom salt minerals can cause dried and cracked skin on your feet. You shouldn’t use such Epson foot baths oftener than two or three times per week, each bath lasting for no longer than thirty to sixty minutes.