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Facts about Epsom Salt Cleansing

Taking the bath with Epsom salt is not the only way to get benefits from this salt. It can also be effectively used for cleansing procedure and it’s useful for your digestive system.

Epsom salt that is used for cleansing has nothing to do with sodium hydrochloride that can be found on any kitchen. In fact, Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and it has been officially approved as a highly effective laxative.

Epsom salt has similar characteristics as other salts, thus it’s hyper-osmotic, i.g. Epsom salt absorbs water molecules. And when that extra water passes through your intestines, you can experience the laxative effect of Epsom salt cleansing solution. Usually 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt per eight ounces of water is enough for having laxative effect. The risk of having any side effects is extremely small, because all the water you take with Epsom salt passes through your body so nothing is left after the procedure is over.

Mix Epsom salt with waterBut you should know that if you go through the Epsom salt cleansing too often, this might result in dehydration. Epsom salt might take too much water from your body and thus you will experience dehydration and that can be dangerous. But don’t let this fact mislead you. Everything can be dangerous if the dosage is too big. For example, even such safe thing as water can harm your body if you drink too much of it (this will wash out vitamins and useful minerals from your body). Thus moderation is always needed.

Epsom salt cleansing will help you to get rid of toxins and that will be a good time to support your body with pro-biotic compounds. Those useful elements can be found in cultured milk and yogurt. And green tea will help you to get some anti-bacterial supplements. All those elements will be beneficial for your health.

Don’t forget that after cleanse you are advised to start consume only healthy food and to forget about alcohol and cigarettes. There are numerous benefits of Epsom salt cleansing and that’s one of the steps you should make in order to achieve an ideal health!