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Liver Cleanse with Epsom Salt

Liver cleanse is a great way to detox your body and to clean your liver from toxins. That’s a highly effective method to get rid of allergies and improve the performance of that cleaning organ. And using Epsom salt for liver cleanse is cheap, effective and natural way of detoxification.

Speaking of liver cleanse, it’s highly important to prepare your body for this procedure. You should start with cleaning your mouth from bacteria that may produce toxins. After that you should take care of your kidneys; this can be done using herbs. Your next step will be killing all the parasites to ease the elimination of gallstones. All those procedures should take place a week before you start liver cleanse. It’s also important to forget about smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating in order to prevent adding new toxins in your body.

Ingredients for liver cleanseFinally, the only thing you need is to find ingredients for liver cleansing. That also won’t be a problem, because you will need such simple and easily accessible ingredients as Epsom salt, pure water, olive oil, grapefruit juice and several lemons. Liver cleanse with Epsom salt should be made every month in order to maintain your liver in excellent condition. You’ll need only a small amount of every mentioned ingredient, so it won’t be costly to make liver cleanse every month. Also you’ll have to spend 24 hours on that procedure, but that’s a fair price for maintaining a great condition of your liver.

Now let’s get straight to the process. You’d start with preparing Epsom salt (four tablespoons). 1 cup of olive oil a lemon, sliced into four pieces. Please note that you should not consume solid food, instead you’ll have to drink grapefruit juice for 7 hours. Then you’ll need to take a tablespoon of the mix of Epsom salt (1/4) and water (3/4) and consume it together with a lemon piece. In two hours repeat consumption of the same mixture. And after 2 more hours you’ll need to drink a mix of olive oil and grapefruit juice. After that you’ll have to lie down at the right side for about 20 minutes, please try to lie without any movement. It would be great if you fall asleep. When you wake up, you’ll need to drink Epsom salt mixture again and repeat that procedure in two hours. And when 2 more hours pass, you should start drinking juice. When one more hour passes, you can eat a fruit and only after another hour you can proceed to consuming normal food, but please start with something light.

In case you know some other recipes of using Epsom salt for liver cleanse, please leave them in comments so other visitors have a chance to try them too.